Scientology Recovery

Counseling aimed at countering the effects of
Scientology’s misapplications & abuses


The Warning Signs:

Cult involvement may be avoided in the first place if parents and friends have the following information. It is important to know the warning signs that your child or loved one may exhibit once cult mind control has started. If these signs are present it is vital that you act quickly before the person becomes lost to a cult:

1. A distinct change in behavior and inappropriate reactions for the circumstances at hand. Positive changes can be as
telling as negative ones. (Example 1: He has just failed a big test or got fired from a job, yet he is happy.
Example 2: Suddenly stops smoking, drinking, and swearing.)

2. A marked decrease in sense of humor.

3. Statements about having "found myself", "my true family", "found home", or "the truth".

4. Dramatic changes in appearance; clothes, hair, exercise, diet, a sudden weight gain or loss, changes in posture or
countenance-especially in the eyes, staring or “spaced out” looking.

5. Cutting ties to old friends, favorite places, pets, and things.
( Example: Used to love to play tennis, but now thinks tennis is a waste of time or 'off purpose".)

6. Spending a lot of time away. And when visiting the family there is a self-imposed isolation.

7. A distinct drop in Grade Point Average, dropping out of school, quitting a job, and perhaps wanting to move somewhere
new in a rushed and frantic manner.

8. Sudden change in how society, things, or money is viewed.
( Example: something a new cult member might say, "The universe is just one big trap for the spirit, so is the body… "The middle class is suppressive". )

9. A distinct change in nomenclature and values. He or she now talks in terms of a worldview. i.e. "the planet" , "mankind"
etc. ( Example 1: "This planet is a mess; I've got to help…" Example 2: "Don't give that person any money he's a degraded being", whereas before he might have given the poor person a dollar. )

10. Urgent need for money without a clear cut reason. ( “I need twenty-five hundred dollars by Thursday for a special
course …" )

11. Obvious lies, evasive answers, and being secretive about schedule, whereabouts, and activities. ( "No, don't call me; I
will just call you the phones are always busy where I work…" "The seminar is all weekend long, I'll tell you where it is once I get there.")

12. Other voices in background during phone calls, mumbling on the line, someone telling him what to say and how to
handle you.

13. Less and less contact with you and your family.
If these or similar signs occur it is important to get help. The beginning of mind control has set in. Before mind control has started you can share information. Once mind control has begun you cannot say anything negative about the leader or the group. Doing so will only serve to alienate and estrange you from your loved one. Logic has ceased to exist. With love and professional help you can gain insights on how to communicate to your loved and learn to gain trust and bridge barriers. You can get help to open up the door to recovery. Knowing the warning signs will alert you to the distinct changes that may mean mind control has begun and that it is time to act.