Scientology Recovery

Counseling aimed at countering the effects of
Scientology’s misapplications & abuses


About Counseling:

Glenn takes a holistic approach to counseling. Twenty-five years of experience has shown him that a non-evaluative, client-centered approach that covers each facet of the person's life works best. It is all about the client, not anyone else's agenda or program. The process is a simple one; ask the right question and receive the answer that stimulates free thinking to bring about illumination that resolves lifelong problems.

Glenn has learned to counsel with pin point accuracy to get to the heart of the problem and resolve it concisely and quickly. He is an expert in helping those recover from misapplications and abuse from all levels of Scientology.  When he was in Scientology, he was personally trained by L. Ron Hubbard as an original member of the Apollo's "Case Cracking Unit."

Besides being trained to help ex-Scientologists, Glenn helps anyone who has left a cult or is a victim of abuse. He is a certified minister and counselor. The same care and focus is given to anyone victimized and harmed whether they were in Scientology or not.. Also family counseling is available to parents and friends who need help recovering their loved one from the grip of mind control and cult abuse. He works together with families by educating them in mind control and works to bridge communication barriers to resolve conflicts that have broken them apart.

Counseling starts with an in depth interview that looks into all areas of the client's life and traces the sources of the problems that exist. Then sessions are given on a regular basis in a step by step progression. Sessions are not limited by time like in traditional psychology. Each session and step is taken to an exacting result or "win" before going on to the next. In that way, recovery is achieved by a series of victories until a major change occurs in the person's life. Freedom of thought, new insights into life, spiritual gifts and achievements culminate with the person feeling great and having fully taken back their life.