Scientology Recovery

Counseling aimed at countering the effects of
Scientology’s misapplications & abuses


About Glenn:

Glenn Samuels was born in Los Angeles, California. Early life was nothing out of the ordinary; school, sports, and a good family life.    He was educated at the University of Southern California, but he desired a spiritual path.     It wasn't uncommon to be a seeker at the end of the sixties.    Glenn chose Scientology. After college he worked in the family business, was married with two beautiful step-children, but he forsook it all to train with L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.     His intention was to do something with his life that would help mankind, but these plans were eventually perverted and prevented.

Glenn lived and worked aboard the Flagship Apollo where he was personally trained as a counselor by Hubbard, first in 1971 then again in 1974.     When the ship was sold in 1976, Scientology moved their headquarters to Clearwater, Florida.    Glenn continued counseling and case supervision working with Hubbard as new procedures were introduced.     Upon his appointment to the Commodore's* Messenger Organization in 1980, he moved to International headquarters located in Gillman Hot Springs, California.
*Hubbard was called Commodore when Scientology owned ships, the title carried forward even though he moved to land.

Glenn left Scientology in 1982 after seeing Scientology's corruption and greed firsthand.    Also at the time, Hubbard's health was waning and the new leaders turned the nearly tolerable into despotic intolerance.    Human rights violations were rampant and went unchecked.    When Glenn declared his intention to leave, he was held captive for two weeks until he finally escaped.     He left behind his wife, his sister, many friends, and a dream.    At the time there was no such thing as exit counseling (see below) for ex-cult members, or any sort of independent Scientology movement.    Leaving a cult environment is a very difficult thing to do; you often have no job skills or trade, families get torn apart, and your friendships dissolve along with your glorified purpose.     A lot of ex-cult members never recover; some commit suicide or go into a deep depression because they can’t face the emptiness, guilt and shame of feeling deceived and shunned.

Soon after, with Glenn's help, his wife and sister also left Scientology.    Life seemed to gain a semblance of normalcy.    He and his wife opened up a successful dance and photography studio in North Hollywood, California, but it took many years to regain confidence and freedom of thought from the cult’s mind control.    Within a few years after Glenn left, a mass exodus from Scientology and other cults began to progress.    Former cult insiders began to reveal the many abuses that go on in cults like Jonestown, Scientology, Hare Krishnas, the Unification Church (aka the "Moonies"), and other destructive cults. Because of this a new form of therapy came into existence.    It came to be known as "exit counseling".    Around the same time, independent Scientologists opened up a reformed church for those who still desired Scientology counseling (called auditing).

It is very common for ex-cult members to have nightmares, suicidal idealization, and other symptoms also common to post war veterans (post traumatic stress syndrome).    The day to day, year after year heavy stress and violations of a cult lifestyle creates a dangerous and foreboding environment.    Cult members can be on top one day talking on national TV, and the next day they might be ordered to clean toilets or be imprisoned within the cult.    Because of the callousness and whimsy of the sociopathic cult leader, a follower never knows from one moment to the next what is going to happen to himself or his family.    At any time, life can be turned upside down drastically;     he might be sent off to a remote organization, have his family broken up, be forced to work without food or sleep, become imprisoned, or expelled.    Those long term stresses, along with realizing your whole life in some ways was a sham, causes emotional debilitation in the ex-member.

Those who have left a cult often know what it takes to help put back the pieces of an ex-cult member's life.    They speak the same language;     they know what it takes to get re-acclimated to society and how to help heal the hurts of their family and friends who were shunned along the way.     Glenn has insight into the lifestyle and peculiarities that many other counselors don’t have, because he has suffered and overcome the same abuses and violations.    As a counselor and certified minister he has the skills to unwind the mind that communicates well to the ex-member.    His unique Mind Control Program and exercises help ex-members get relief from the mind control, abuse, induced phobias, and nullification techniques that occur in destructive groups.

The recent news of the rash of beatings and imprisonments in Scientology and other cults has grabbed Glenn's attention.    He has rededicated his life to helping others who were victimized in cults or by any form of abuse.    The original dream he had is now being fulfilled everyday as ex-cult members and the abused take back their lives with his help and guidance.